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How to Find your Renault Radio Code

The serial for a Renault radio is printed on the label on the rear casing.

This means the unit must be pulled out of the dash (without disconnecting any wires) to gain access to the printed serial number.

To gain access to this, you will require radio release keys to pull the unit forward.

When the radio is removed, the serial is 1 letter followed by 3 digits, for example A123.

This is often next to “security” or at the end of a longer sequence of numbers.

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Renault Radio Code Label

Renault Label

Renault lebel example: J109


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How to Enter your Ford Radio Code

Entering a Renault radio code is easy, pressing pre-set button 1 will cycle through the numbers with each press.

Numbers 1,2,3,4 represent each column, for example pressing button 3 multiple times will change the third digit in your code.

Once the correct radio code is displayed on the screen, press and hold button 6 to confirm the code into the system.

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